Dual Monitor Problems


I have two monitors, one Dell and one from my lenovo laptop. In the systemsettings i defined the Dell Monitor as my main screen.
This constellation worked very well for a long time.

But now, since a couple of days by each start of the system the laptop-monitor is the main screen. So i have to open the systemsettings, click for putting the laptop-screen as main. Then i can set the Dell-Monitor as main. After that procedure everything is fine … until the next start of the system. Same stupid procedure every day.

How can i fix this?



Which Netrunner version, Plasma version?

Hello and thank you for the answer.

I’m using plasma 5.8.4, kernel 4.4.0-57-generic

And netrunner-Version? Good question! The infocenter is telling me, that I’m using maui 2.1 but that’s not true. Honestly I don’t know the netrunner-version anymore.



This might be a regression coming with Plasma 5.8.4 there were several fixes in Plasma Workspace when it comes to handling default screens. See: https://www.kde.org/announcements/plasma-5.8.3-5.8.4-changelog.php

Thanks for the info?

And that means? Sorry, I don’t understand always the technical infos. How can I fix this problem?



If it is a regression you cannot fix it only report a bug report to upstream kde.

If you are on an ubuntu base, the distro is now called Maui, so that would be true. Netrunner is only debian based. Any ubuntu based questions and how to operate on KDE Neon are answered in our sister forums
Your account there is the same, so you can use login/pwd without re-registering.