Dualboot win 10, no grub to choose OS

Dears, so excited to have found netrunner… Tried live and enjoyed just after 3 mins.
I decided to install it dual boot with win 10. Unfortunately both in automatic and manual install the ext4 is correctly created and install finish smoothly. AT start I expected to see the dual boot grub, no way,
What need to do? Please consider my linux skills are limited, but with instructions step by step i can go far :slight_smile:
Hope to solve this

Does your system use UEFI or legacy BIOS?


In UEFI mode, Netrunner(systemd-boot) and/or grub2 should get added to the UEFI partition / boot menu.

Well, thanxs for the help but i hoped for a step by step instruction. Gave now a try to install another Linux OS on same EXT4 partition and after the install end the bootloader works perfectly. Pity as what I saw of netrunner was lovely…do you think if i completely reinstall windows with legacy instead of uefi this might solve my issue and enable to install netrunner with no issue?
Thanxs dont want to give up but this arch based system was immediately showing the bootloader like it should.

Try downloading boot repair disk and use it to repair grub.

  1. uninstall the os with boot repair disk and
  2. reinstall netrunner without biosgrub or the esp with boot/efi option [but you may create the partitions] and then repair with boot repair disk again.

No entiendo mucho el inglés, anteriormente había un foro en español, deseo ayudar.
Instalé Netrunner 17.6 junto a W10 en una laptop HP pero al arrancar solo inicia W10. Eliminé el inicio rápido en W10 y en la BIOS quite el arranque seguro. Coloqué el GRUB en sda2 /efi pero no lo toma. Pongo en el gestor de arranque que inicie con Netruuner antes que W10 pero solo inicia con W10.
Estoy haciendo otras pruebas y tan pronto me trabaje correctamente el arranque dual vengo y publico la ayuda paso a paso.
Google Traductor:
I do not understand English very much, there was previously a forum in Spanish, I want to help.
Installed Netrunner 17.6 next to W10 on an HP laptop but at boot only start W10. I deleted the quick start in W10 and in the BIOS remove the safe boot. I put the GRUB on sda2 / efi but it does not take it. I put in the boot manager that starts with Netruuner before W10 but only starts with W10.
I am doing other tests and as soon as I work correctly dual boot I come and publish the help step by step.