Duel Booting ??

Hello Community ! Im curious if anyone has experience booting multiople distros along with Netrunner ?! I need no advice as to hoe this would be donr on a tec level more specificallty basedd on the distro etc …I love all things linux and came across Netrunner via distrowatch a few weeks ago ! Very nice selecition of advanced softare etc …Im most certainly still learning but the distro I began with several years age was starting to feel much to influecnced by ‘Corperate’ $$ and not so much the community based interest…I thimnk you n=may be able to huess of whom I speak ! Anyway, nive to find a new HOME and hopefully some new friends/teachers ! Cheers

simply installing another distro along with netrunner by resizing hdd should automatically setup “Grub” for you,
which enables you to pick what distro to start right after bios.
Just try with any distro in live mode and see if it offers to install alongside netrunner when at the disk partition stage.

I’m not sure but as I remember if you want dual windows/linux then you have to first make partitions then install windows and just after install linux. Because windows change boot and where will be no choice on startup. Mabe I don’t know something but it never worked for me so I always install windows first and later linux.

Download SystemRescue and burn to a cd.
Boot the cd to fix problems.
It can get grub back if Windows messes it up.