I just installed dvdauthor via Octopi and it ran well (green marked) but this application dosen’t apear in menu (multimedia,tools etc.). I reboot system didn’t help - I can’t find this application.
p.s. I’m on Linux from few month, so be tolerance for me, kindly please :), it isn’t ease jump from MsW to Linux after 20 years exp with MsW.

I think this is only the command line interface of that program, and won’t display in the menu. You need to install qdvdauthor to have a graphical user interface including the menu item.

Yes flipper is partially correct, DVDAuthor is actually a set of tools and NOT a single application: http://dvdauthor.sourceforge.net/

qdvdauthor is available in the AUR, however AUR compatibility is currently unavailable until the pacman 4.2 update problems are sorted out upstream by Manjaro.

Thanks for help flipper and AJSlye
I started install this from AUR before I read your info about problems with pacman…and it’s installing and installing more than 40min…is it normal? or it refers to the problem with pacman? how I can break it without harm (if it necessary), just to close console?

ok, It stoped and showed problem with build qdvdauthor, I aborted this action. However you showed me solution, so that issue is solved. thank you and see you on another topics :slight_smile: