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Easy Access to Bookmarks from Desktop

I am trying to figure out how to get easy access to a list of bookmarks from the homerun kicker panel such as is shown in this graphic

(That’s the second graphic on this page: )

I suppose this may be a function of what I also can’t seem to do – add icons to the quicklist/vertical list in the homerun kicker which displays synaptic, the power icon etc. Perhaps one of those icons on the vertical list on the left was pushed to get those columns displaying bookmarks (and Nepomuck Desktop Search) but I cannot for the life of me (or lots of googling) figure out how to duplicate that.

I’ve opened up kmenuedit but can’t figure how to modify the kicker menu from there either;

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

The Homerun Kicker widget kind of works like the mint menu.

To answer your first question, the homerun kicker menu can utilize other plasma runners to expand it’s search results, to show bookmarks in the search you would need the bookmarks plasma runner installed (keep in mind that these would be your Konqueror bookmarks):

Debian/Ubuntu this package contains all the extra widgets: plasma-widgets-addons
Arch/Manjaro they are separate packages so you would just need: kdeplasma-addons-applets-bookmarks

Now on to your second question of adding applications to the favorites launcher along the side of the menu:
All you’ll need to do is right click the application icon in the menu and select add to favorites. From that list you can also add it to the desktop, to the panel or as a launcher in your task manager. To remove an application from that list you would also right click on the one you want to remove.

PS. for Firefox bookmarks there is a runner for that as well.
Debian/Ubuntu I found this but I’m not sure if it’s included: plasma-runners-addons
Arch/Manjaro this is available from the AUR: kdeplasma-runners-firefoxbookmarks

PSS. I’m including a few of my own snapshots for you:

Go well my friend,

AH! – Thank you again.

The answer to adding programs to the vertical menu was painfully obvious - I did not realize those were “Favorites” but very logical.

Your screen grabs were also very helpful. They made me realize that the plasma-runner-addon (which was not installed automatically in my “default” Debian installation) is really just collecting the search results, which in your example is anything including “manj” in the name as typed in the search box at the left.

I was thinking from the other screen that this was an additional programmable popup that served as sort of a customizable nested tree of bookmarks. I now see that’s not the case.

Since I am not able to add the bookmark plasma widget (the yellow star) to the homerun kikker itself, I guess I will just place that next to the kicker icon and access the list from there. I was thinking I would be able to end up with a “drag and drop” bookmark hierarchy system, like I can do in Windows, but it appears that things aren’t set up that way in KDE. I guess what I am thinking of is the “Places” feature that appears in Dolphin, but I don’t see a way to add a popup “places” to the bottom panel or to the homerun kicker. But no huge loss. EDIT: Well i will investigate this: EDIT2: I see - Places is a “flat” list so won’t serve for hierarchial organizing

Again I appreciate your time for having answered these very basic questions. Thanks again!

No problem at all, I’m here to help when I can.

Go well my friend,