Easy file sharing

I came across a file sharing utility called Nitroshare a while ago and have been using it on a daily basis ever since. Here’s the info from the Nitroshare website:

[i]"NitroShare makes it easy to transfer files from one machine to another on the same network. Most of the time, no configuration is necessary - all of the machines on your network running NitroShare should immediately find each other and you can instantly begin sharing files.

NitroShare introduces the concept of “share boxes”, which are small widgets that are placed on your desktop. Each share box represents another machine on your local network that you can instantly share files with by dropping them on it. (You can also create a share box that will ask you which machine you want to send the files to.)

NitroShare offers a number of other features, including:

dynamic file compress during transfer to decrease transfer time and bandwidth
CRC checksum generation to ensure file integrity during transfer
full compatibility with clients running on other operating systems
a helpful configuration wizard to guide you through setting up the application on your machines

The application was developed using the Qt framework and therefore runs on any platform supported by Qt, including Windows, Mac, and Linux."[/i]

I have it installed on two Linux PC’s and one Windows PC and it works perfectly. It’s VERY easy to install and configure and there are 32-bit and 64-bit deb packages available from the Nitroshare website: https://quickmediasolutions.com/apps/14/nitroshare

Go grab a copy! :smiley:

And for us Netrunner Rolling users it’s available in the AUR:

yaourt -S nitroshare

Nice! :smiley: