Environment block too small

The first boot after installation my computer hangs. What I mean is after the inital installl I reboot and get the boot loader and I select Netrunner and it goes blank screen.

So I reset the computer and then it boots and says:

error: environment block too small.
Press any key to continue…

After pressing any key it will then boot and appear to work.

I have not been able to find anything while googling.

Over the years I have tried many distros and not had this type of problem.

I am using an older 956P/945PL Neo 5 motherboard from MSI with an Intel Core 2 Duo and dual montiors.

I said “appear” above because I have been ignoring this message (although it is a pain because it slows booting) and after about 1 month it started to spaze out. I would click on an icon in the task bar and nothing happens.

So I power cycle and sometimes it would “fix” itself and sometimes not.

I can still boot into other OS’s like Ubuntu and Windows and they seem to run fine.

Which version do you use: Rolling or Standard?