Error Mounting External Drive

Hi, I tried mounting my 2TB external drive to get my backup files but it produces this error message “Cannot mount the following device:”

but my 32gb usb drive can be mount just fine. I’m sorry but I’m new to Linux.

Thanks in advance!

What file system has this 2 TB harddrive ? Did you perform a filesystemcheck with gparted already ?
Is it listed after entering lsusb in the commandline ?

Gparted says it’s exfat. No, I haven’t performed anything. I just installed this OS today.
Yes I can see it on the list.

I would recommend that you update your system first, be sure to follow the fresh install update procedure here:

For exfat to be mountable you’ll need to install fuse-exfat:
sudo pacman -S fuse-exfat

sudo pacman -S fuse-exfat solved it. Thanks! :smiley:

Your welcome, I’m glad I could help.