Error when a try to put more of 2 monitor screen

Sorry, your configuration could not be applied. Common reasons are that the overall screen size is too big, or you enable more displays than supported by your GPU.

I have a hybrid graphics
Graphic : Intel
Nvidia GeForce GT 425M

i tried to put bumblebee but it doesn’t work

I think the easiest solution for this would be disabling the intel or nvidia card completely and only using one. Not sure if your BIOS allows you to do this.
Otherwise bumblebee and hybrid cards in general are still very hard to get working completely.

Do you happen to know if the second connection (btw. HDMI, DVI, Displayport? What is it?) is connected to the nvidia or intel gpu?

Also the above error sometimes happens when the monitor is malfunctioning. Have you tried plugging off all cables and reconnect them again?

When connectring the second monitor please also execute
xrandr --listproviders
in a terminal to see the useable outputs

you can see now

It looks like you are not allowed with the free open source driver to get all three monitor outputs working.
Have you tried unplugging the VGA output and see if HDMI is working then?

When I deactivate the screen on the vga port and activate the hdmi port. My hdmi port works. However, the vga port can no longer be reactivated when the hdmi port is activated. However, I unplug the screens and I plug them back in. I still have nothing

So like I assumed there is a limit either in the driver or the setup of the hardware in general. Can you check if the hardware supports tripple monitor setups?

Yes, everything worked on windows 10. Anyways ! In short, I plan to change computers soon. Is there a way to know in advance if the operating system is compatible with the laptop I want to buy

You can take a look at search results that pop up if you search for your laptop model and linux.
Lenovo Thinkpads, some HP laptops and of course other laptops that ship with linux out of the box (KDE Slimbook, Tuxedo,…) would be the best choice