Evolution groupware

Hi. I’m new here. Can someone please let me know which version of Evolution groupware is in the repos? Most go only to 3.2.3, which is very buggy. The Evolution team is currently at the 3.10.x versions.


Please take a look at packages.ubuntu.com for the specific package you need.
If you mean the evolution email client it is currently at version 3.8.4.

Thanks. I’ve leared that it’s all a dependency problem. I’ve moved on to a distro that is based on Ubuntu 13.x, and the problem is solved.


Evolution official mail manager GNOME is not an application for KDE (Kmail is used) does not work so well without putting on the libraries and dependencies you need.

Yes, I know. The problem, according to folks who were trying to help me, is that Ubuntu 12.04 does not have the ability to support Evolution beyond 3.2.3, but 12.10 does. Something to do with dependencies.

Honestly, who knows?