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FDE Install with LUKS Fails


I am trying to use Netrunner as the new standard distro for our laptops at work.

One of the requirements for the new setup is that the system is full disk encrypted since we deal with a lot of sensitive data.

When going through the Netrunner setup, if I set the root partition to be encrypted (ie. using LUKS), when I get to the final step and click continue to start the installation I immediately get an error message stating that the system could not create the partition with a cryptic reference to a ‘command timeout’.

Then when I dismiss the error message the system immediately reboots.

I got the error when I initially tried installing the system in a VirtualBox VM but was hoping that the issue would be specific to VirtualBox, however, I am currently attempting to install Netrunner on a physical laptop and I am having the exact same issue.

Everything else works perfectly, even the WiFi works out of the box but unfortunately I cannot use the system if I cannot setup FDE.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Full Disk encryption is currently not supported with the installer.