few things I would changes in netrunner15

First the theming, I think the default breeze theme is pefect for default…okay I don’t care what background/wallpaper u use. The plymouth theme should be more simpler, what I recommend i just a black background with your logo and some simple animation. If u are going to make more custom desktop theme make it more consistent and professional looking, current one is not… no offence…oh… I think It would not hurt if u used some icon theme by default.

2nd. the default apps.

there arent much to complain here, I would just recommend to look at bomi as an VLC replacement, it’s written in Qt5 and it has breeze theme/skin so it would look perfect with kf5/plasma5… and it uses MPV as backend which is way superior to VLC or mplayer.

and also could replace adblock with ublock in firefox?

btw. why isn’t konversation installed by default?

PS. I noticed that when I save (or open) my doc. on libreoffice it doesn’t use dolphin but libre’s native file dialog. I didn’t have this on chakraOS (okay its kde4 only)… is this just a kf5 thing but this use kde4 apps…so what is the problem?

and… don’t worry more feedback will arrive …someday :smiley:

Mpv is a nice new player. It needs some testing on our side and approval from all of us to be used. That especially goes also for player guis that use Mpv.
VLC for the moment has simply more features.
In addition we prefer software that is already packaged in Ubuntu. Bomi does not seem to be packaged for it yet.

When it comes to themeing it’s a matter of taste. We actually have someone from the KDE VDG working on some aspects of the theme (I think the plymouth splash and wallpapers are from him)

I like the idea of replacing adblock as it has become quite fat. Let’s see how ublock turns out.

Konversation is not part of the ISO as with pidgin there is already a client supporting IRC. I know it might be not the best client. I would also rather see pidgin completely being replaced by kde telepathy. But some features are still missing there.

The libreoffice dialog was set to native as we experimented with theming we found out that the libreoffice-kde integration had problems with different themes. So we sticked with the libreoffice-gnome integration which works better but ships with gtk open dialogs.
This needs investigation for the future.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions :slight_smile:

about bomi, there is ppa https://launchpad.net/~darklin20/+archive/ubuntu/bomi and the bomi dev is really active
U said VLC has way more of features…most of normal enduser won’t even use them… bomi has all the most need features even bluray support…and even more + it’s way more simpler to use then VLC (also vlc backend is horrible).
also I have been using bomi (cmplayer) for over 1 year now, I did alot of debugging for him… so there shouldn’t be any nvidia problems at least:D

here is bomi with breeze theme (can be enabled by default in packaging)

I think konversation should be by default and kde-telepathy…so what if some of the features are missing they will arrive sooner or later, I think a consistant (KDE) experience is more important than some features and those other apps are still in repos they haven’t gone any where.

about the libreoffice thing I remember the problem was with Qt4 there was some patch that was needed so the kde intergation worked, i have no idea if there was more to this problem.

so in the nutshell my point is… keep it simple and look and feel is more important than a lot of features, why?

  1. those features won’t be harnessed by their typical end-users, 2) those features can easily be added by the few people who wants them.