PLEASE enable file attributes so I can run netflix on this OS. I have tried doing this myself with no success.

Here is the message I get when attempting to start the Netflix desktop:

It appears that you do not have extended file system attributes enabled. Please enable the user_xattr option for your filesystem and try again.

On your older version OS, this was not a problem. Only when 13 came out did it become a problem.
I got it running on Zorin… but I’d rather run this distro.

Thanks for reading my idea.

EDIT: You also need HAL installed as I cannot even watch Amazon Instant Videos!
At this point, Netrunner is of NO use to me. i’LL BE WATCHING…

I honestly don’t get why netflix needs extended file attributes. In ext4 they are also wrongly implemented and have a limit of what can be put in those extended attributes. Enabling them by default is not recommend.

As for HAL I don’t get the problem there. HAL is deprecated for a long time now.

We will take a look at it but don’t expect too much.

We can’t even test netflix really over here, as it seems limited to the US.
All I can confirm is that the start page is shown like according to this installation guide: