File System

I was trying many different Operating Systems as there are Kubuntu, Debian, Mageia, openSUSE, etc. After some days after installation I got error messages like “I/O error” or “unexpected inconsistency” and at last “ext4-fs-error /dev/sdb6”. With openSUSE came the B-Tree File System “btrfs”. Since I use this file system the problems are gone. I guess KDE 5 with Plasma 5 has conflicts with “ext4”. Last week I was running Netrunner 16 without a problem and today I installed Netrunner 17. Did anybody else experienced such problems since Plasma 5 came up?

Those I/O errors should not have anything todo with the desktop you run.
The cause is most likely a broken harddrive/ssd or RAM or something else in between.

Hi leszek,
I am still running the same laptop with the same harddrive and RAM. But with btrfs I have no problem. How can this be? I mean I am happy that the problems are gone.
Regards, Sigurd