File transfer problem

Hello everyone,
First post here. I have tried the new 14 rc canditate and it mounted my android phone and allowed me to transfer my files to the external card on the phone. Wanted to use the rolling release, but it will not allow me to write to the card on the phone in dolphin.
I have upgraded kernel to no avail and ran all updates. It just states “Could not write folder/bla /bla”
Any help is appreciated.

If you have updated the kernel, you will need to reboot in order for USB storage devices to mount properly. You will also need to copy and past and/or post a screenshot of the exact error in order to diagnose whats going on.

PS, I’ve included a screenshot of my tablet working.

I did reboot and it will write to the internal storage, just not the micro sdcard in the phone. Well, it will with the RC candidate. I will post a screen later this afternoon. Thanks for your input…

It says “Error-Dolphin” in titlebar and “Could not make folder /SM-N900V/Card/New Folder”.

I see whats wrong, most phones will not let you write to the root folder of the card, open any sub folder and it should work.

Thanks, I will try that, but don’t you think it strange that the 14 RC will with no problem?
Well, I’ll be if that didn’t work. Thank you very much AJSlye. This was driving me crazy. And now to roll on. I appreciate.

I will look more into this, it seems a bit strange to me as well, it might be the way that Manjaro sets up mtp and/or file permission.

Much obliged for spreading the expression as well. We’ going to need a huge amount of assistance amid the beta!