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Fingerprint login


Is it supported? I got Fingerprint GUI installed and my fingerprints setup, but how do I go about using them? I tried adding auth sufficient to /etc/pam.d/sddm but it doesn’t seem to work at the login screen. I can tell it did something though, because if I lock my PC it won’t let me unlock it, forcing me to restart. Fingerprint swipe or not.


So you tried this?
(I know its the arch wiki but in general it should work in Netrunner the same)


Yep, used that exact tutorial. Maybe I didn’t add the auth line at the right spot? Also for the “To make it work in KDE’s lock screen” part, there wasn’t a kde file in the pam.d directory so I wasn’t really sure what to do there. At first when I got it installed and registered a couple fingers, it “sorta” worked on the lock screen. I tried putting in my password, to which it failed. But after it failed I swiped my finger, and it unlocked. After rebooting though, it fails to unlock at all. I can login with SDDM though with my password, so at least it didn’t prevent me from getting into Netrunner.