Firefox 43 and Torrent/Magnet links not opening Transmission

Use to work fine. Clicking on get torrent or magnet link would launch transmission just fine.
Latest update now get firefox error.

Strange changes creeping into desktop.
I can drag the link over and drop on open transmission and works fine.

That’s strange. Magnet links are working fine in Chrome and chromium, this has to be a Firefox 43 bug.
I’ll look into it on my test system in the morning.

I remember this problem back a year ago in Firefox 30’s days with Ktorrent also.
But strange is my Win7 side Firefox 43 behaves normally and opens uTorrent program clicking on same links.

Has anyone found a solution to this problem, because I’m having the same problem with firefox 46…

If you use firefox-kde or firefox with plasma integration this should always execute the first application set in the filemanager to open .torrent files.
If it isn’t you can force to use your favorite application for torrent under perferences -> applications. Search there for torrent and click on the dropdown menu next to the entry here you can choose to “Choose other” if your favorite one is not appearing.

My firefox is set up properly…
In settings, under applications, beside bittorent seed file there is qt-transmission associated…

However, it doesn’t work: firefox still says it doesn’t understand the link when I click on the magnet link…
It does, however, understand a standard .torrent file and automatically opens it in transmission…

Well, I’ll just use Chromium until there is a fix…

If your using firefox-kde then firefox should be using the mimetypes set up in System Settings > Configure File Associations for bittorent files.
If this is set correctly then you may just need to try this fix for the kde.xml mimetypes bug:

sudo rm /usr/share/mime/packages/kde.xml sudo update-mime-database /usr/share/mime

Ah magnet links. Ok that’s different from torrent links. It’s a new protocol. So I am not sure how to add that to firefox.

Torrent files are just that, a file that can be set via file assocciations.
Magnet links are a proticol “magnet:url” that is quite different.

I found a solution on google:

  1. Open Firefox and type in about:config in the Address Bar and hit Enter.
  2. Type in enter handler.expose in the search box at the top of the list.
  3. right click - New - Boolean
  4. Enter the preference name network.protocol-handler.expose.magnet
  5. Set its value to false
  6. Click on the magnet link and you should see Firefox’s Launch Application Choose Dialog
  7. Select your torrent client.

So it is a firefox network protocol handler that doesn’t exist in firefox by default.
Firefox seems to be the only browser under Linux with this issue.
Even qupzilla askes what application to use for this protocol by default.