Firefox in Frontier

Can’t listen to streaming radio in Firefox. It plays for maybe 10 seconds then stops. On restarting it simply repeats the previously heard 10 seconds every time it is restarted. Same Firefox version in Mint 17.1 works without problem. I downloaded Chrome browser which works absolutely fine. To try to fix the issue I have uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox to no avail. Same problem. Anybody got any ideas please?

Try removing or disabling the script from System Settings > Startup and Shutdown.

How to update Mozilla Firefox to version 36.01?
In Netruner14.1 Frontier is not working…

Firefox-Plasma 36.x is not yet available in the moz-plasma ppa that Netrunner 14.1. Please be patient until it is packaged.

Next time could you start your own thread instead of hijacking another members thread that has nothing to do with your Issue, or at least search the forum first before posting as your question had already been asked and answered here:

It would be greatly appreciated

Thank You,
I am from Bulgaria and I find it difficult to read everything in English.
My question was related to that version 35 of Firefox no Bulgarian language pack
Therefore I’ll wait …
Thank You for your cooperation …
Light and Pleasant Day !