firefox messed up download folder

this problem is known to me as i was using some time maui,u guys r the same team i guess,so,as normal,in any Gnu/Linux distribution that exist today and i’ve tried,the download folder in Firefox was always and is always ~/home/user/Downloads,ALWAYS,why the hack in your distributions is that messed up,why is always have a temp folder in the root ? and not to mention,how the hell is having permition to write there,i need root permition to do something like that in the root,in any folder exept for the home folder ? how can u guys mess up so much in that simple thing ?
so please have a look at it and change that,and stop giving advices in this how to change it,i can change it,but is not normal for me (user) to do that when it has to be automatic in the normal folder,maybe some distros don’t use exactly the Downloads folder,but is in home directory,so … i expect to see that change soon

Do you mean /tmp/firefox_username0 or mozilla_username0, etc.?
This is normal firefox behaviour, it is where temporary downloads go (aka open with application).

maybe, if u say so, anyway is the only distro that i have that all downloads go in that folder, in the other distros, it comes by default in /user/Downloads, no idea why u guys can’t ship it with that default folder

The /tmp/firefox_username0 would be a cache folder the end result on a standard download should be /home/{user}/Downloads, that is unless it is a temp file like a streamed video file, or a file you tell to "Open with {application name}, etc.