Firefox Not Saving Previous Open Pages

I just downloaded and installed this release of KDE 14.2 and have realized that after running a session in Firefox and shutting the sytem down… the next time I boot up, it is not saving my previous pages. I have it set in the prefs to do so. I also have to say this OS is SLOW and it has crashed on me twice since installing 3 days ago!

We use firefox preloading. So basically a firefox instance is running in the background which restores your tabs but this one is invisible in the tray.
To disable firefox preloading go to systemsettings and disable the autostart for preloading.

Hope that helps.
As for slowness. If firefox loaded all your tabs in the background and you opened up the same pages again in a new firefox window it could explain a double ram usage that leads to slowness.
Crashing could be related to running low on memory though if you experience that still I would recommend creating a new thread about it with a little bit more details to your hardware and what exactly crashed