firefox not starting

hello folks I just installed netrunner 2018.1 firefox refuses to load it tells me its running and to reboot but it just does the same thing an ideas how to fix this problem

delete firefox + yakuake, keep imwheel in there


same crep here

use sysguard to kill ffox (maybe 2 times ) and start ffox from menu

THIS IS STILL A NEW BUG with ffox v58

even upon start, ffox gives a nasty cryptic err msg that used not to be there

nasty! :s

the one for gb works

wtf is “gb” ?

firefox en gb 58.1
and developer version works perfect 59 0b4
have developer version running and it dousnt show any faults unlike 58.1

yeah the developer nightly ver. does not have those bugs

disable “run parallel” settings to use old profile easiest. :heart:

not exactly. even the nightly ffox kinda autostarts.
wtf is going on here?

Yes, we now start Firefox in the background and hide the initial window in the systemtray.

The issue with Firefox 58 was an API change upstream that broke our Firefox customizations.
This caused the hidden Firefox systraycmd window to load with an error, and not allow other Firefox instances to start until the hidden window was opened, and the error acknowledged.

We quickly fixed or modifications for the API change, and an update to our netrunner-firefox-settings package was immediately pushed out.

We do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
If you haven’t done so already, I’d recommend running an update:

sudo pacman -Syu

If you haven’t done so already, I’d recommend running an update:

does not help. after update ffox still autostarts and must be killed manually

As I already stated:

It shows up under the system tray as KSysTrayCmd.

The recommendation to update was to ensure the fix for the error message was applied, not the autostart.

Does it come up VISIBLY after logging in or in the background like its supposed to be?

it is invisible.

a total shit idea to autostart ffox, breaking everything.
who told you that users want broken desktops ?

What exactly breaks it then?

e.g. the “download to” folder is reset to deflt after every reboot


That seems a bit odd, it should not do that.
I’ll do some testing on my end.
Anything else you’ve noticed that is off in Firefox?

just tell me how do I get rid of that shitty AUTOSTART for good.

a total crap function to begin with

Just uninstall netrunner-settings-autostart, but be aware that the autostart file for imwheel is also in that package.

del ffox & crap inside of


but keep imwheel.desktop

You are the second person to voice the same opinion over the auto loading of FF to me.
However, at the end of the day that is not up to me to decide.