Firefox Quantum

Netrunner 19.01 came with version 64.0 (64-bit) and am unsure if for future update reasons Firefox should be changed to the ESR version.
If change is recommended please advise if editing the file /usr/lib/firefox-esr/defaults/pref/autoconfig.js and replacing the filename cck2.cfg with netrunner.cfg is sufficient to trigger changes from existing version to ESR. Thanks.

A switch to Firefox-ESR makes only sense if you have activated the testing/buster repository as this one will offer security updates for the browser.
Then the config change is necessary to get rid of the error message that Firefox is not able to load the configuration file.

I got confused with some of the messages posted by others.
I don’t get any error message and only enabled the additional repositories (Continous Updates) as suggested by the Netrunner Team.
If the existing version of Firefox Quantum is updated regularly than I don’t see any reasons to switch. Thanks.