FirefoxESR font rendering issue

FirefoxESR seems to have a font rendering issue.

Firefox 56.02 - No issue

Yeah this looks broken somehow. Though by default Firefox-ESR works and looks just fine.
Granted the newer Firefox versions use a newer and different GUI it should be no problem for the old one.
I think the ESR version uses whatever is set as GTK2 Font. Can you recheck which font you have set there? The default we provide should work just fine.

Noto sans is default, and I’ve tried others with no positive results.Read that Liberation would be good, but no change. I have the same issue on another Netrunner 17.06 OS. This happened after an upgrade weeks ago. FirefoxESR & Thunderbird seem to be the only programs with this issue.

Do you happen to have any third party repos activated that might’ve caused this issue by installing some packages from it?
Did you check the anti-aliasing font settings aswell?

Have one 3rd party repo on one system, the other only has the Netrunner default repos.

Default setting is, “Use anti-aliasing:System Settings”
I changed the setting now, and seem to have a better rendering in FirefoxESR, but not sure how it will effect the rest of the system.