Since you give us a direct line to contact you, could I ask one favour.

The only program which I miss from Kubuntu is a simple firewall from the repository.

My preference is firestarter - simple to turn on and off, no complicated iptables to grapple with. It just works.


Maurice George

[color=#000080][i]Configure firewall

At least on my computer the firewall was off, so let’s check it and activate it for you. The firewall is managed by UFW (Unconplicated Firewall), you can configure terminal. In this we write: [/i][/color]

[size=medium]# ufw status [/size]

[color=#000080]It is quite possible, that like me, you say that you are disabled and to activate just run the following command as root: [/color]

[size=medium][b]# su (key)

ufw enable [/b][/size]

[color=#000080]To deactivate[/color]

[size=medium]# ufw disable [/size]

[color=#000080]And we can help mediate talks[/color]

[size=medium]# man ufw [/size]

[color=#000080]Although we can configure the firewall graphical installing a package: [/color]

[size=medium]# sudo apt-get install gufw [/size]

[color=#000080]The application will find it in System> Firewall configuration. It is very easy to use.[/color]

I’m just wondering why the suggested use of gufu, a GTK+ based front end to UFW instead of something more like the native and integrated, KDE UFW control module (kcm-ufw)?

[color=#000080]Could you indicate how it would be how to install and use it?
I tried:

[size=medium]$ sudo apt-get install kcm-ufw[/size]

[color=#000080]And I answered:[/color]

[size=medium]$ Reading package lists … Done
$ Creating dependency tree
$ Reading state information … Done
$ E: Could not find package kcm-ufw[/size]

[color=#000080]“Who does not know question and I am a newbie.”[/color]

I’m sorry, kcm-ufw is the official package name for most distributions, but in Ubuntu’s repositories it is named ufw-kde. I just don’t understand why Ubuntu names some things differently from everyone else, oh well.

Here you go my friend.

Netrunner 14 (Ubuntu [universe]):
$ sudo apt-get install ufw-kde

Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro [AUR]):
$ yaourt -S kcm-ufw

[color=#000080]Usually … I uninstalled gufw and then install ufw-kde
Runs smoothly.

Great, I’m glad to hear it.