Since changing from Kununtu to Netrunner, the only thing I miss is a simple firewall.

My preference is Firestarter - simple and effective.

But it doesn’t seem to be available in the Netrunner repositories.

So this is my special request : if anyone knows an easy firewall for Netrunner, or if the develoment team could include Firestarter in their to-do list, I’d be very thankful !

Maurice George

A packetfilter is already included. Why do you need a “personal firewall” ?

Any program you need is in the AUR, open octopi, click on then type in the search field, on the command line type yaourt -Ss ‘program name’, or you can also use a web browser to search the AUR:

Personally, I like the KDE/QT based kcm-ufw:
$ yaourt -S kcm-ufw

but, if you prefer the GTK based firestarter:
$ yaourt -S firestarter

There is also kmyfirewall in the AUR or gufu in the community repository.