[FIXED] Cursor mirrors and snaps in some windows.

I am not sure what the root of the issue is, but in some Programs, the cursor mirrors and dislocates a bit to the right, when entering certain areas of the GUI and snaps back when exiting them.
It is impossible not to get annoyed by it, since you can’t access certain small buttons, when the cursor snaps back to the left screen border.

I know that I’ve encountered this in Netrunner before, but I am not sure on what programs that was, so I have only one example at the moment.

I made a short video showing the issue in the Unity Engine:

When I change the cursor theme, when it mirrors the cursor, it reverts back to the default white one.

Fix: System Settings > Desktop Apperance > Gnome Aplication Style > Change cursor theme.
that stopped the mirroring and snapping for me.