Fixing the desktop

Hi there

I have a problem with the KDE desktop not loading. I am left with a cursor and a black screen after logging in.

However, I think I know what might be the problem.

I was playing around with desktop settings and wanted to check out the netbook.desktop settings so I checked that one in the autostart settings. Most likely when I reverted back to the desktop.desktop settings I forgot to actually check that one in the autostart menu.

I have now done

mv .kde4 .kde4-backup

from a failsafe log in and then restarted and have now a vanilla KDE. Any way to get back my previous settings? I have them backed up as you can see from above, but is there a config file in there somewhere that I can edit for it to load the desktop.desktop again and then I will rename my backup to just kde again.

Worst case senario what is they way going back to vanilla netrunner? Copy the /etc/skel contents to the home directory?


Not checking that shouldn’t have caused this issue, it must have been something else that you changed, added, deleted or moved.

However, yes to get back the Netrunner defaults just copy everything in /etc/skel to your home directory like this:
cp -R /etc/skel/* /home/

Thanks, I did the copy from /etc/skel thing.

Is there a way of getting just the default Netrunner panel back without doing the whole resetting thing back to vanilla Netrunner?

When adding a panel to the desktop I can choose between empty and default, however, the default seem to mean KDE default not netrunner default…