Cannot run anything what require Flashplayer :frowning:

Can you elaborate on this more. What exactly is not working for you ?

I cannot know exactly what movies require flash or how it works, but in the facebook I cannot see any video (I could see it before). Have this message: “Flash player upgrade required” with link to flash download site.
Youtube works fine.

This is an important upgrade notice as there was another flashplayer security issue that has been fixed with an update. It should be already fixed all in repository aswell. So try updating and see if it works for you.
Otherwise you always have the option to ignore that warning by firefox and enable the flash player

How can I ignore it in chromium browser ?

I guess you need to click the space where the plugin should show up. Besides that I am not sure if it possible to deactivate that security check completely.

FYI . if you use google chrome you wont get this as it has it’s own flash player ,their are ways to have firefox use the chrome flash player ,or just allow the old flash player in firefox ,you should get a popup in firefox to “allow once” or always .


thanks for help but i dont use firefox at all, and never did use it,
using just chromium and dont want to go for another browser just because of flash problem

Google Chrome as well as Chromium no longer support NPAPI plugins, so no the standard discontinued flash player will not work any longer. However they do support PPAPI, so you can install and use pepper flash under Chromium if you really need flash support.

Sorry but this is really a convenience problem only.
From the security view chromium does everything all right. It automatically blocks old flawed flashplayer versions that might be used as attack vector against the user when run by default. So you need to explicitly tell it to force use the outdated version.

So the only correct way would be updating the plugin to make this warning go away.

edit: After reading it a second time I think you could also mean that flash isn’t supported or installed at all on your machine. If that is the case you need the pepperflashplugin-nonfree package installed for Chromium and can ignore what I wrote before :slight_smile:

You also might just be experiencing the flashplayer not reporting itself as updated in Firefox issue that we had earlier on in the Rolling Edition (Manjaro), remember we get these kinds of updates faster, so we do find these problems and fixes faster as well.

Here is the work around that fixed it:

I just instaled pepperflashplugin-nonfree, but it is not working anyway :frowning:

Did you restart the browser after installing?

yes I did
this is screenshoot

Did you remove the standard flash player prior to installing pepperflashplugin-nonfree?

If so try uninstalling chromium including it’s config files and then re-install it.

But first, the latest pepper flash version is
What version does the pepperflashplugin-nonfree install?
To check type this in the address bar:


after i type chrome://plugins it is not showing any version or maybe I dont see it here is screen shot:

Your browser is definitely not picking up flash.
What version of chromium do you have installed?

Maybe the download of the pepperflashplugin-nonfree failed. Can you check again if /usr/lib/pepperlfashplugin folder was created and includes the .so file.

folder and all plugins
i did reinstall plugin just in case

I don’t see the pepperflashplugin-nonfree.so file in the folder. This would explain the problem. Either the pepperflashplugin-nonfree package or its script (it provides a script that autodownloads chrome and extracts the player out of it) is broken. Maybe you need to manually download chrome and extract the pepperflashplugin and put it in this folder