Follow-up to recent update problems

I too was having problems after the updates several days ago (ref the numerous posts around the forums).

I seemingly solved my problems (no more broken packages, etc) with the command in leszek’s post (corrected link: )

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install netrunner-apt-config && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

My two questions are now:

  1. Muon is no longer installed. Is it OK to reinstall? Which package do I choose in Synaptic?

  2. What KDE Version should I have?
    The post at says I should have version KDE 4.14.2 however KInfoCenter says I have KDE SC Version is 4.13.0
    …however the command (from post ) : lsb_release -r Shows:

I’m confused about that.


Your link to leszeks post is a dead link, just a fyi.

Unless you enabled the kubuntu backports ppa for 14.04 (trusty tahr) then you indeed would still be running KDE SC 4.13.x.

lsb_release -r only gives you the Netrunner Linux standard base release number (IE. Netrunner 14) and not KDE SC 4’s, to get the KDE plasma version number you would use kde-open -v instead.

Kubuntu Backports PPA btw. will be automatically activated with the update on 14.1 so if you update normally it will be activated by default.

Kinfocenter is not always reporting the correct KDE SC version. Clickin in Dolphin on Help -> About will show you most likely KDE SC 4.14.2.
As for muon just reinstall the muon package and muon discover if you like the more software center look a like tool.
lsb_release -r should show 14.1 with the base-files package update from 2 days ago.

Thanks, I fixed the 1st link.

kde-open -v shows I have KDE 4.14.2 so it looks like I’m OK. Maybe a reboot will fix the version reported by KInfoCenter version.

What about Muon?

Thanks again

Please read leszeks post above.

Got it. That part about muon wasn’t there when I had made my reply :slight_smile:

Guess it should be called KMisInfoCenter he, he …Dolphin is showing KDE SC 4.14.2.

lsb_release -r is now showing 14.1 …go figure!

Thanks again. I’m all good now!