For those who miss screensavers but want one in Netrunner

While there may not be many who do here’s a HOW TO

  1. Go to Octopi install xscreensaver (just hit cancel for the GDM you don’t need it)
  2. there will be 2 other items to be installed in a 2nd box click yes for those
  3. After it’s installed open Konsole type in as user
  1. A box will come up set up the screensaver you want say Yes to the daemon
  2. After you’ve got it set up go to System Settings>Startup Shutdown
  3. Click Add Program click on the folder icon go to /usr/bin
  4. find xscreensaver select it click Open then click OK
  5. check the Enable At Boot box close System Settings reboot


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Sure? I don’t know many who don’t… :wink:

May I add the following:

For the Kubuntu-based Netrunner it’s:

  1. open konsole and type
apt-get install xscreensaver xscreensaver-data-extra xscreensaver-gl

or try your luck with Discover :s oder better synaptic.

Additional data-Packages will be pulled in automatically.

For all:

If you want to start xscreensaver without application splash you might want to append -no-splash to the xscreensaver command. If you have already added xscreensaver to your autostart you can just edit the entry in systemsetings in Autostart by selecting it and clicking on properties.

Or you can edit the file manually, it’s stored in ~/.config/autostart.

If you still have not added it just go to System Settings > Startup Shutdown > Autostart, click on the add button and simply type in the box: xscreensaver -no-splash. No need to navigate to /usr/bin and find xscreensaver file. Hit Enter and you get a dialog where you can add a name for the new entry. After clicking ok don’t forget to enable the entry in case it isn’t automatically.

Thanks for the info. Gonna try it out. (still prefer to put my laptop in sleep mode)

SWEET xscreensaver even includes the recoded (in 2018) 3d maze from win '95 xD

Thanks to dawalker’s for the how to
seen xscreensaver in autostart only a few distros as standard
good to have that
Thanks to vectoravtech for refreshing this old post.