Can’t get to it now for a couple of hours.

[quote] uses an invalid security certificate.
The certificate expired on 04/06/2015 01:42 AM[/quote]

Anybody else getting the “This Connection is Untrusted” page.
As just noticed also in Firefox use to be able to go ahead and connect anyway.
Now no button to take me there anyways like use to be able to do.

Don’t know seems forum usage is getting messier and messier to use. Broken links for Recent now this.
Promise of new forum site for months now and no updating on progress of new site or fixing old forum issues.


From the Manjaro blog website:


Thanks thought it was something along those lines.


When you open a new private window in FF you’re able to go ahead by adding a temporary exception.

That’s great for Firefox I guess, but doesn’t that kind of defeats the purpose of the certificate. Also, I have yet to find a way to make an exemption for a site in google chrome and/or chromium, right now the only available option is to change the system date.

Looks like Rob found a solution for chromium, don’t know if it also applies to chrome:

in the address bar, then in the “Delete domain” field put:
click ‘Delete’ button.

Then when you try to access the forums you can click ‘Advanced’ and click ‘proceed’.[/quote];topicseen#msg194704

Either way, this issue shouldn’t take that much time to fix.

Yes, that does work under google chrome as well, thanks flipper.

Yep thanks for the Private session trick. Just don’t understand why they removed the “I Understand the Risk” button and allow me to make a temporary exception there on the page like you use to be able to do.

I mean I can deal with broken forum and expired certs and such. And still appreciate all the volunteer hard work that makes manjaro a great community. But I do have a few worry concerns that makes Manjaro come across as unprofessional or amateurish and not be taken seriously by new to Linux or Manjaro.

Seems to be zilch in communicating to the community of the progress of new forum site. Or progress on fixing broken issues with the site. And the site is a last minute consideration after coding and bug fixes which never ends kind of thing. Kind of like Chefs in the kitchen banging out meals and dishes. Not realizing they don’t have a proper dishwasher to keep the pots & pans cleaned so they don’t have to stop cooking to cleanup. Until the customers start squawking loud enough to be heard in the kitchen.


In my mind the problems boil down too 1.) too few members in the team to keep every thing up too date. 2.) no one seems to want to write documentation and keep web sites that communicate info up to date 3.) infrastructure cost real money to host and keep alive not all of it is for free. Not enough contributions from the using public.

So I always give miles of slack. Manjaro is a great disto and has a great community, they have my mind, they have me converted from a distro hopper to a steady long term user.

Yep have to +1 agree with your assessments. As seems that has always been an issue with the Linux community.