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[found out Why } Lost the menu in Gmusicbrowser


stuffed up nicely
chillin sunday afternoon looking at the different layouts in Gmusicbrowser and then Bam lost the all important menus items on the layout and cannot find a way to get them back,
so far I have tried the
un-installing and re-installing
important hidden folders stayed in not deleted so new installed Gmu back to where it was before,figured that would happen
keyboard shortcuts
looked up DDG
and Gmusicbrowser site
not had any luck finding for Gmu shortcuts
I hope that some-one here will know of keyboard shortcuts for Gmusicbrowser
if it’s known the keyboard shortcut that can bring back the GUI back with the menu items that would help out a lot,
Originally was using browser with queue layout.
Can provide screenshot of what’s left.
Thanks in advance

Hello next day and well this
where have I gone wrong with this


Thank You for any help.


This is the problem I’m having now that I’d like to remove completely gmusicbrowser and then re-install gmusicbrowser in the hope that I get the gui back on show,

seems I’m not winning with the name for gmu or Gmu



I must be doing something wrong,

What do I put in terminal for Gmu , could save from a iso re-install ,Thanks in advance


We ship a customized version called gmusicbrowser-filterfun.

I’m not sure why you don’t just change the layout back to our filters & fun?


Because of this

I have no access to any options at all or buttons either,


Did you also loose the tray icon?
If not right click on it and choose settings…


Was not using or enabled tray icon,

I know how to make it difficult for myself, is that a yes ?


Then no, there are no key shortcuts by default.


So why is it terminal won’t kick in when using the screenshot commands, what is it I got wrong ?


I didn’t understand that question.

At any rate, you’ll need to remove the settings file for gmusicbrowser to get back to our default:

However, there may be a good backup in the same folder.


I’ll have a look in those files in few minutes,about that question umm
If you look at the two screenshots there’s line

error: target not found: gmusicbrowser

If it’s not gmusicbrowser or Gmusicbrowser then what should I be typing in ? confused


I already told you, but it’s gmusicbrowser-filterfun.

However after looking at your screenshot, were you playing with the global menu?


Both of the /.config/gmusicbrowser/gmbrc and back up are in there and the look the same

not sure about having done that just clicking on different layouts and then oops


There are not xz compressed ones by date?

Anyway, change the layout lines to filters & fun.
Like so:

Layout: Filters & Fun
LayoutB: Filters & Fun
LayoutF: Filters & Fun
LayoutS: Filters & Fun
LayoutT: Filters & Fun
  "Filters & Fun":
      hidebb: 1
      hidetabs: 1
      min: 1
      page: artist
        lpicsize: 16
      pages: artist
      hidebb: 1
      hidetabs: 1
      min: 1
      page: album
        lmarkup: 1
        lpicsize: 96
        mmarkup: below
        mode: mosaic
        mpicsize: 96
        sort: artist
      pages: album
      size: 504-350
      size: 400-859
      autofilter: 1
      casesens: 0
      fields: title|artist|album|comment|label|genre|file
      literal: 0
      regexp: 0
      suggest: 0
      autoupdate: 1
      cols: playandqueue track title_or_file artist album year length rating
      colwidth: title_or_file 341
      follow: 1
      grouping: album|pic
      isearchfields: title
      rowtip: ''
      sort: path album disc track file
      page: '+PlayList'
          cols: playandqueue length track file lastplay playcount rating
          colwidth: album 200 artist 200 file 400 lastplay 100 length 50 path 200 playandqueue 20 playcount 50 rating 80 right_aligned_folder 198 title 270 track 41 year 40
          follow: 1
          rowtip: ''
          sort: ''
      pages: '+PlayList'
      size: 38-752
      size: 298-449
      pos: 346x125
      size: 1264x820

Keep in mind that gmusicbrowser needs to be unloaded from ram when making changes to this file, otherwise they will not take (be overwritten when it’s closed).

If all else fails, close gmusicbrowser, delete these files, and restart gmusicbrowser, that should then have you back to our default layout.


There are some things I want to do (changes to partitions ) so a re-install is on the plan and

more important

I don’t want to put you through another Gimp Help > Opening Okular scenario ,
clean install - freshen patitions be more careful and leave tray icon enabled,lesson learnt.
Not going to waste youre time with my stuff up I’ll re-install freshen patitions be more careful,
Thanks for the help.sorry


I found what you did wrong.
Layout was audacious, you selected view and unticked show main window.

To fix it you would remove these lines:

      hidden: "HBMenubar:532x25"
      pos: 603x89
      size: 1034x498


Damm your good
so do I mark this as ( found out why )


I have done a clean re-install of gmusicbrowser-filterfun, filterfun
filterfun that’s the part I was not putting in terminal.
I was only trying to put off a four panel graphics job - hate those multi panels.
gmusicbrowser-filterfun is working just fine and it’s back to what it was
and I’ve stopped procrastinating,
OK I’m off to have lunch
Thank-you AJSlye