I’m trying to get freebasic working. What (if any) are the corresponding libs for these?

from FreeBasic manual

Did you check the Octopi?

Why going the Debian/Ubuntu way?

Also in the Octopi Aur is fbc FreeBasic Compiler and a git version.
And wxfbe which is a FreeBasic IDE based on wx-c.

cool! I think I need to system upgrade because I get this error:
fbc: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

my isp is slow and i have 650 megs to download so will check back in a few hours

Now now coder myself just a master Googler! :stuck_out_tongue:

This should create the correct symlinks and fix that error:

yaourt -S libtinfo


Yep listen to AJ as he knows this stuff much deeper understanding than me.

Thank you both.

@AJSlye - first didn’t, second did

1 more question

I compiled a program under freebasic okay, but when I run it I get, even though the file is there,

Yes, there was a small typo in the menu config file that was shipped on the ISO.
Make sure you have already run the latest updates.
Then run this command to fix the menu:

cp -r /etc/skel/.config/menus .config