Freeze with Spotify

Got a problem I need help with.
I got a Lenovo laptop. I used to run Netrunner 15.
I did an upgrade to Netrunner 16 using the script.
I have 2 users – Me and the wife.
2 days ago, I was logged in and were running Spotify (not playing), Thunderbird, the file manager and a browser running some flash video.
Suddenly the system froze and I could do nothing other than pres the power button to shut down the laptop.
After that, my user can not start up – in the beginning the system loaded only the Conky manager, but now, I only have a black screen (I used to have my background black also).
The other user of the machine works fine.
Anyone knows how to kick-start a user?
Or any other bright ideas?
Best regards

Log into a tty (CTRL+ALT+F2) as the effected user and cp -R /etc/skel/. ., this is going to reset Plasma to defaults so your going to loose any custom settings you’ve made to it, but at least you should be able to log back in.

I have tried and wad abel to use the crtl+alt+f2 and then login. I Was also abel to run the command.
But how do I log back in?
I have tried to use the powerbutton by holding it, but after the reeboot I still have the problem.

Did you perform a filesystemcheck or did the system after forcefully turning it off?

If you get the black screen can you still open up krunner with Alt+F2?
If yes please try to start plasmashell from there and see what’s happening.
If not I personally would advise to remove the .config directory of your user and try start again.

Do you still have this problem?
Have you tried what I posted in this thread:

I mean:

find $HOME/.c* -name "*.lock" -and -delete

Because, doing what AJSlye wrote

is not enough, because this only restores the original files that should be there,
but it does not remove the bad files that should not be there.
(The cache may contain some .lock file that keeps KDE waiting forever.)

Please tell me whether this has helped you.
(Or anybody else, if or if not this has helped them)


Hi all good people
Sorry for my late reply.
The problem remained, and I could not solve it using your good advices.
And the suddenly my other user also cashed, and all was frozen.
Somehow I suspect that it was Spotify that are doing something bad to Netrunner 16.
But, since I had a non functional PC, I decided to install another Linux-distro.
So you can say the problem I solved… :slight_smile:
How do I set my post to resolved?
Hope you all have a nice day.
See you next time I am trying Netrunner.

To mark the thread solved edit your first posts title and add [solved] in front

Dear Leszek,

I would not regard an issue as solved, if the user changes to another distribution to avoid it.

I still think that the desktop freeze is still a major issue in plasma 5.


That’s true. I only answered the question on how to mark a thread solved as this was asked.