I observed a ramdom freeze of Netrunner 17 plasma display using either nouveau or nvidia drivers.
This generaly occurs using, unlocking or locking widgets.
Obliged to quit with “ctrl alt F1” and reboot.


Did you observed that freeze with desktop effects activated?
If yes with all desktop effects activated? With only a specific?
Which rendering backend do you use? GLX? EGL?
OpenGL 2 or 3?
And what kind of graphicscard do you have?

Thanks for your help.
Desktop effects activated are the default one, but i used 4 virtual desktop and choose the cube animation to move to other desktops.
Using GLX and OpenGL2.
The graphic card is Nvidia 8200 M G, using Nvidia 340.96 driver.

I desactivated the cube animation, and will see what happens.

Hoping this could help in improving plasma 5.


A freeze is hard to debug without more information.
Did you check the /var/log/Xorg.0.log and did you checked sudo journalctl maybe for something about the freeze.

If the graphics driver freezes only (which there was a bug several kernel versions ago on nouveau) it should log it in the syslog (journalctl). Did you found anything about a GPU lockup maybe ?

I am not very expert in that field. I added some of these files as attachments.
I had to rename the files to load them.


I don’t see any hint. the Xorg.0.log seems normal.
The journalctl is not completed but looks like a newly created one without the freeze error in it.

I did a new fresh installation, on a dedicated partition of the laptop step by step.
I updated mirrors and the packages with yakuake.
I am using the nouveau drivers for the graphic card.
I did not use virtual desktop. Locking and unlocking the graphical components all is OK.

I think i found the problem. As soon as you use diamond as theme, you observed the freeze.
At that step if you unlock the components the windows notification of unlocking the widgets freeze.
If you come back to another theme after a boot all seems stable.
So it will be better to withdraw that theme from Netrunner configuration.

Oh thanks for noticing that. We will check that.