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fresh install - then kernel upgrade 4.6.5-



I have done a
Fresh install. Then i installed the latest 4.6 kernal upgrade manually. But then i do a refresh in packetmanager.

And it insists that i install 4.2 branch.

Should it not see I have a newer version allready installed



This is normal if the linux-image-generic metapackage for the kernel is installed. It will try pulling the latest that ubuntu has available.


so just safe to lock that package at the version that is installed. Or Can you delete it


The other thing I did notice as well with installing the Nvidia driver. That the splash screen for Netrunner when booting up is huge. Like it has not adjusted to the new driver.


Yeah you can just remove the metapackage.

As for the other issue please make a seperate thread for it. I assume this is a limitation of the nvidia driver not providing kms