Don’t know what I did wrong, but I did a fresh install of Netrunner Desktop and I’m stuck at the login screen, keeping on looping back to it regardless of how many times i try to login…

as for hard drive configuration and disk space, I have 2 hard drives, a 4tb hard drive (for data-only in ext4 format), and a 2tb hard drive

The 2tb hard drive has 4 partitions,

3 ntfs partitions; windows xp @ 100gb, windows 7 @ 150gb, windows 10 @ 150gb, (and gave all them microsoft os’s the ability to read ext4 partitions and works perfectly with their built in file explorers/“my computer”, using it the same as i would use any ordinary ntfs partitions from a microsoft os)

and then the remaining space is all under 1 extended partition… that contains all of my linux os’s and a 700mb swap partition… i got linux mint, zorin, netrunner 17, lxle, kali, openELEC, and the rest is a the end of that extended partition all as unused space (for wanting to install other linux partitions), I have manually configured every installation of the linux os’s to have their “/home” mountpoint set to that 4tb data-only hard drive partition, which makes all the linux os share that 4tb space for the user files “documents/pictures/downloads/etc” automatically

the 2gb partition is the computer’s bios/cmos w.e boot priority, it uses grub as the bootloader displaying all of the linuxs, and also gives me access to the windows bootloader for them 3 microsoft OS’s, (using the windows 10 bootloader, but I set windows 7 as priority with disabled countdown, because by putting windows 7 as priority it forces the text mode bootloader rather than the windows 10 graphical boot loader that requires semi-OS-loading for it, the text mode selection menu shows me; windows 10, windows 7, earlier version of windows <- “which is xp”)

but anyways… back on topic…

I created a new 20gb partition from that unused space of that 2tb extended partition for netrunner desktop, i just finished a fresh install of it (again, setting the /home mountpoint to that 4tb hard drive), and then I quit the program which restarted the pc for me to try for the first time…

when it booted for the first time, it brings me to the login screen (which btw, way too huge but I may be missing the appropriate graphics driver, maybe I need to update or something, I don’t know, I have an GeForce GTX 750 Ti @ 4GB Graphics Memory, and I also have an onboard ati graphics driver that i keep enabled because i have 3 screens, the login screen is on the GeForce one) so… it trying to login asking for my password (cause i didn’t put auto-login on), so i input my password, then it like… brings me back to the terminal and then loops back to the login screen, i try and try and it loops me back to the login screen indefinitely

Any suggestions to fix that login loop?

  • Dédé

The probability is very high that this is the cause. If you reuse the /home directory permissions or configurations might conflict with one another.
So please retest(reinstall) with a another username (which should create a new user directory on your /home partition) and if you need access to your documents/music/videos link them from the other folder to the new user folder.

What I do to prevent issues is this:

Before installing, when the Netrunner Live install has started, I rename my old home directory (sudo mv jacmoe oldjacmoe) - that way I can install a fresh Netrunner using my old username.

After installing, I pick things to restore, like Thunderbird/Firefox settings.
I keep the ‘oldjacmoe’ dir for a while, until I have moved over all my old stuff.

So, you can fix this, by booting the install CD, and rename the home directory, and not lose anything. (Provided that you didn’t accidentally choose to format it).