Fresh Installation system - bad idea

I noticed that after restoring the default KDE menu gave me a lot of hidden items. In addition, he Konqueror default appearance (no address bar, etc). After a fresh installation I did not have so many applications. Better remove since it has to be hidden, then there was the disappointment after restoring the default settings. Poorly compiled installer NETRUNNER, because should install all of the default settings plus any extras.

Sorry I don’t get what you mean.
We hide by default double application entries in the menu as it does not make any sense to have dozens of duplicates in the menu.
If you have a particular feature request or idea on this topic maybe you can write your idea down in the idea thread area (subforum)

It’s nothing to hide. It is better to give someone a choice of programs, since they are so hidden by default and installed.

You mean akregator or are there any other applications in particular that aren’t accessible.
I think uxterm entries aren’t necessary as we have another terminal application already.

I think we need to discuss it in the team to see if we come to a conclusion. So far no one really complained about it though.

Many are needed (KMail, Konqueror with plugins, Akregator, …) Keep only the XTerm, uxterm, editor Sieve. The rest useful.
In addition, I noticed that there is no option to clean frequently used files and programs (Recent items).

I’m with Leszek on this one… e.g. system needs Kontact sub-elements for the sake of integration of calendars, contacts, task lists with KDE (to e.g. have Google calendar entries in the ‘clock’ applets). But you don’t need to have it visible, as there is other mail client & contact editor recommended by the Netrunner Team (Thunderbird was a good choice). Same with Konqueror - a kind of a back-up, secondary file manager (even KDE uses sth different - Rekonq - as the web browser).

Putting too many items in the menu will make it blotted and confusing for new users (the heck with new users! It will be confusing even for me! :slight_smile: )

I went back to the original Kubuntu. Waiting for better DVD NETRUNNER. KDE without full access to ingredients is not for me. Additional default applications (Firefox, Thunderbird …), anyone can add yourself to the level of the Synaptic Package Manager.
Good design, but still have to work on it. Today, I say “Goodbye”.

Hi borut,

thanks for joining and giving feedback!
Vanilla Kubuntu is certainly an excellent distro, where Netrunner has many customized settings from default, so its a matter of taste, like RealPTR has mentioned.
To really see how much we’d customized from plain KDE, give Netrunner another try after using some other KDE distro for a while.
Hope to see you again! :slight_smile:

Since I believe Netrunner’s target audience to be New users coming from other operating systems with sane default, I have to agree with the Netrunner default settings. Hiding all the sub-parts of Kontact is the correct decision in my opinion, if you need access to kmail or your calendars, etc. then just open Kontact. I mean, how is this any different than opening Outlook under Windows for the same reason. As far as Konqueror, what you want is easily adjusted yourself. Also keep in mind that there are a lot of features being removed from Konqueror as it is being ported to frameworks.

PS, if you wan’t all the menu items displayed, then just open the menu editor - Menu > Edit Applications, then Edit > Restore to System Menu, that’s all there is to that.