FSarchiver / Qt fsarchiver Live CD

I have an idea about the Netrunner’s live-cd.
Can we incorporate in the livecd fsarchiver and its GUI - qt-fsarchiver in order to facilitate zero knowledge disaster recovery directly from the Netrunner’s installation medium of your choice.
In other words, if you break your system for whatever reason and as long as you have an saved image from before the disaster, you can simply restore it with your existing Netrunner/Manjaro dvd/usb/sdcard medium and carry it on as if nothing had happened, no tearing out your hair searching google, no agonizing waits for someone to answer your question on the forum, no other tools to download - just restore and go. I have been doing this for years and so have a lot of others it really just makes a lot of sense. One of the criticisms leveled at that idea was the lack of a tutorial on using the software. They do exist, but apparently it was felt these were not clear enough or too old, so I came with this idea, and i will make an updated tutorial if someone is interested in.
Thanks for the consideration :slight_smile:

Why when you could simply, boot the live image, connect to the internet, open a terminal and type sudo pacman -S fsachiver, and restore your image? Personally, I prefer to use clonezilla and make a backup image once a week, but that’s just me. :wink:

When it comes to desaster recovery there are many different tools and there are also specific live systems for that purpose.

Yep I just use Redo Backup
http://redobackup.org/ Live CD.
And easier Gui version of under the hood Clonezilla
For making backups of my partitions before major upgrades or tinkering.

As much quicker and easier if I keep my huge personal data on separate internal partitions or external usb drives.
And just have OS partitions with installed apps separate from my personal data files.