... full encryption ...?


I love netrunner and I want to make this as my daily driver, but I need full disk encryption on installation …

Please help me for a fully encrypted netrunner installation!

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I have the same issue on 19.1, no chance encrypting my disk!

Does anyone knows how to encrypt please help.

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If the encryption option isn’t shown by default in one of the automatic partitioning options you can always manually partition and choose to encrypt the newly created partition.

Important: There is a slight error in one of our configuration files that might lead to a non booting system though it is installed with full disk encryption correctly.

So if you like to manually encrypt your system, please before starting the installer edit the file /etc/calamares/settings.conf and add

- initramfs

right after the virtualbox in line 36. You need root rights to edit this file.

Hello leszek,

Thank you for your reply. I couldn’t succeed when I was trying to encrypt whole disk as one partition or making a /boot and a / root partition.

Before I read your post I tried to test it on virtualbox.

After few tries it only worked with only when I encrypted only /home partition instead of other partitions.

If you have the time would be nice if you could confirm that editing the settings.conf file and adding initramfs right before unmount or after virtualbox will solve the issue for full disk encryption for you aswell.

I don’t know where is the settings.conf file located ( I am a newbie), but I succeeded to encrypt my /home partition.No chance to encrypt / root partition. I tried the same partition setup except windows patition. It worked.

/etc/calamares/settings.conf on the live system.

… the simple way: use the arch ISO to install netrunner and full disk encryption works fine … :shushing_face: