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Gimp brushes gone blurry

Another problem affecting gimp, 3 days ago ( Friday ) went to Octopi and got the updates done, later went offline and sorting out images for references wanted to use a paintbrush to put a stamp (used it before self made) it came up blurry then spent the next few hours trying to figure out what happened, still don’t know and problem with brushes persists,

is it from the last updates I do remember a few for gimp 75% sure,
I have not changed anything in Netrunner Rolling for a few weeks happy to have the way it is,
Is anyone else having fun like this or is this my hardware doing strange things
Any extra info needed just ask not sure what else could be of use here
so I’m dropping in some screenshots

this is the brush in question that played up

A few others from my desktop Netrunner-Rolling


compared to in same brushes in Live install disk of Netrunner-Rolling 19.04




I have read that a Gimp 2.10.12 is due out and it has some bug fixes not knowing if this is connected or it was the friday updates

Looking forward to hearing if anyone has any info, clue, idea(s) about this,and makes me wonder is this an isolated issue or are other’s with the same problem ?
Thanks in advance

Just remembered First column( left) is paintbrush and the second column ( on right ) is pencil in all images

The last updates were on wednesday the 12th not friday 14th if that makes any difference,
on saturday got some software to check an old seagate ext harddrive,out of the four apps I looked at only kept one, maybe there was something in one of them, not sure.(still got that to do)
As much as I’d like to fix this gimp brush problem
finding what caused the problem would be more helpful so to not have it happen again or to anyone else either.
I will leave the gimp the way it is for a little bit time (few weeks) to see if any of the gimp forums (so far nothing) have a similar problem turn up, can do lots of other works in that time and when brushes and gimp are needed re-install the gimp

so this is the plan

Q. Is this a good Idea ? Seems reasonable

before re-install not only remove gimp(octopi)also look for(catfish)any other gimp files on the ssd that’s where the Netrunner Rolling lives maybe in there is the culprit and once all of gimp is cleaned out then
Re-install gimp and add the extra plug-ins needed.
maybe a bit over done but better than have same thing happen again
so is this a good idea or not ?

Nothing more I can add, I’ll keep looking at the gimp sites, here and also duckduckgo,nothing yet, I’ve leave re-installing gimp untill 02 july, until then I’ll keep looking maybe in one of the gimp forums.
Thanks for reading,
Thanks in advance if you have any ideas.

Have you tried removing the .gimp directory of your home folder to see if it will fix the issue maybe.
You will loose all settings in Gimp but maybe it fixes the issue aswell.

removing you mean as in delete do you ?

Exactly. Thats what I meant. You can also rename the folder if you want to just check and keep your configuration for later.

No did not do anything to help, worth a try anything is worth a try just to see what it’ll do Nevermind

Later arrived and I put the files back so
paintbrush seems to be working of sorts - the hardness setting of the brush used with paintbrush are all out of wack and adjustable BUT no blurring and adjustable to a degree, not bad
what threw my settings out into the :thinking:
the pencil is not so kind the change of hardness setting doesn’t do anything except a big old blob in the shape of brush so avoid the pencil

More than any thing it would be good to know
what did it
and how it managed to mess up the default setting and why pencil will not work

Reading this back again I sure ask a heap of questions umm maybe too many

Sorry to bother you with this just one more thing that’s it
on or about the 2nd july I will need the gimp working as it was
should I re-install it then after removing the gimp and manually removing all of it’s hidden files

That’s it just need to know if that is a good way to re-install to avoid this again
Thanks in advance