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good good ggod

Hello I just updated updated 2017.07 everything working beautiful thanks folks even my wifi boots up sraight away
you done good
regards Ron

Thank you, for your kind words.

I agree ! I spent a few days finding the best distro, but Manjaro + Chakra crashed on me reproducibly.
ARCH is an ordeal to install —> scrapped. :huh:

This leaves us with Netrunner Rollg. .

I noticed numerous CLEAR IMPROVEMENTS over Chakras many shortcomings !

The two distros are worlds apart, even though both are ARCH derivates.

Shame on you , Chakra ! :dodgy: :blush: :s :-/ :frowning:

God bless Netrunner Rolling ! :heart: :heart: :heart:

so many things which don’t properly work in Chakra are just perfect in Netrunner, e.g. in Konsole, the cursor is always 4 chars ahead. OMG ! No such problem in Netrunner. Wonderful !
The Grub Modifier works like a charm in NR, in Chakr it produces crashes or BLACKSCREEN. Superbe !

also the netrunner calamares crashes far less, whereas Chak Cala can only do ext4 fs , else crash.

And in chakraOS, there are next to no skeletons in /etc/skel :frowning:

nobody on Earth uses those terrible app defaults, say for dolphin. :dodgy:

I had started to put proper /skel in Chakra … but why bother ? :huh:

In Netrunner, this is already done almost perfectly ! great first impression ! :heart: