google calendar sync

[size=x-large]Anyway to my sync google calendar with netrunner 15? [/size]

Is Kaccounts available / installed?

“Currently, a Frameworks 5 port for Kontact is underway, As long as that takes, KMail does not work under Netrunner 15 (hopefully it will be stabilized enough again next version) and therefore Thunderbird (now with Plasma support) continues to be the recommended mail application for now.”

It will NOT let me set it up… I was hoping there was a work around?

Kmail is part of Kontact which is in the KDE applications packages and NOT part of Plasma 5.
I’ve been using Kontact just fine under Plasma 5 for almost 2 months now with no real issues.

Actually Kontact was ported to the new akonadi personal information framework prior to starting the KDE Frameworks 5 port. The finished akonadi personal information suite (including Kontact) was included in the KDE Applications 14.12.2 release. You should already have access to this version of Kontact.

Anyway, I found it in Kontact:
Open Kontact and click on calendar
Next go to Settings > Configure KOrganizer > General
Now go to the Calendar tab and click add
Scroll down to Google Calendars and Tags.
Enter your information and that should do it.


For Thunderbird you’ll need this plugin to use Lightning with Google Calendar: