Google-Chrome out of date

:@ Google does not make it easy to find the Md5sum for its packages.

google-chrome-stable_52.0.2743.116_amd64.deb is the current stable release and the release4 that Rolling points to is ending in .82 instead of 116.

I tried to edit the package uild and I got the correct number in but cannot find the correct Md5. The old one is subject to an exploit that locks up the browser on a “support page” from “Microsoft” (With bogus phone numbers leading to prepaid cells) telling the user that Windows has been compromised (an quite amusing on Netrunner rolling) And the cursed thing reloads even after a cold start, including deletion of default files.

so yaourt -S google-chrome
now fails

Any community members know what approach I shoul take to repair?

Applications installed from the AUR are not supported.
However, The AUR entry has already been marked out of date and a comment about the issue has been added by Det.

You have two choices when editing the PKGBUILD file:
1: change the md5sum= line to “SKIP” instead of the actual md5sum.
2: download the deb file and run md5sum against the downloaded deb file first and then change the number in the PKGBUILD file.