Google Chrome update causing Google Account Problems

Just wondering if anyone else has started having difficulty logging into their Google account using Google Chrome. I have two separate installations and on both of them I can’t access my Google account using Chrome, but I can access it using Firefox. I’m guessing that this must be because of a recent Chrome update?? A couple of days ago when I opened Chrome I was no longer signed in and even with two-factor authentication I still can’t do it.

Anyone else notice this?

Can you try it in incognito mode just to be sure it is not a problem with cookies or browser cache.
Also are you using really Google Chrome or the Chromium browser?

As I specified, I was using the Google Chrome browser. I was able to log in using Firefox and also using Chromium. I have since removed Google Chrome from my installations. The ambiguous nature of the error and the fact that it occurred simultaneously on two machines leads me to believe that it’s Guulag trying to make it difficult to access my account because I hold views that are not in line with their progressive ideology. Two factor login attempts would lead me to dead end pages that said they had no information about the error, or to 404 pages. It’s just the latest round in Guulag’s efforts to silence people that they believe shouldn’t exist so it’s certainly nothing new.
Chromium has the same browser functionality but supposedly without the Guulag spyware, so it still works for now. For sandboxing reasons I only ever used Chrome for interacting with Guulag products, which are primarily YouTube and Gmail, and I avoid doing that in other browsers. I can do the same with Chromium until they start blocking any and all access to my account by serving up mysterious errors.