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GpuPowerMizerMode for NVIDIA graphics card

I have just installed the Netrunner 17.03.
I don’t want to install any nvidia drivers for my NVIDIA GT-710 card but, I wonder if there is a way to lock (safely) the frequency up … something like I do in MAUI with GpuPowerMizerMode=1 for the nvidia drivers.
Any help please ?
Best Regards !!

This is done by default as far as I know as boost or pstate isn’t activated by default on your hardware with nouveau.

Thank you leszek for your response.
I don’t know what is “boost or pstate” !
Anyway I think you mean that there is nothing to do because, the default frequency of the graph. card remains in high level with nouveau. I hope it is ok !
In MAUI I have installed the nvidia drivers as you already know and I noticed that the frequency was altered between 2 levels (up and high). So I locked it in high level with a startup command : /usr/bin/nvidia-settings -a [gpu:0]/GpuPowerMizerMode=1 and it’s fine now.
Here in Netrunner I have to try to keep a pure Linux system…
Best regards !

boost is the technology that allows the graphics card clock frequency to go higher for demanding tasks (i.e. games)
pstate is the name for the frequency clock state.

Thanks lezek !!