Grafic Driver install usefull?

hi folks,

just a short question:
is it usefull to install the AMD own fglrx driver? anf it it is, which one should i use?
hardware is:
intel core i7 @2.2GHz
AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB RAM
Intel HD Graphics 3000 mit 384 MB DDR3 SDRAM (shared momory)

right now i use the folowing default driver:
x-server-xorg-video-ati version 1:7.2.0
in addition there are the both following drivers shown as propietary options:
fglrx-updates Version 2:13.101
fglrx Version 2:13.101

:huh: so i need to say i do not know what the difference is :huh:

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Prior to kernel 3.13 the opensource driver does not use powersaving functions of the graphicschip. If you use it on a notebook it might make sense to install the fglrx driver.
The same goes for when you wish to play high-end games like the titles on steam.
The fglrx drivers are proprietary software so only ATI/AMD knows the code and no one can improve it outside ATI/AMD.