Graphic card (passive) for Linux [Desktop PC]

I have to buy another graphic card for my desktop computer, because i assume my crashs are onboard chip or/and power supply related. So far I found out ATI/AMD don’t care about linux and NVIDIA is the preferred choice. No fps gaming is involved, just some emulation of old 16 bit and 32 bit gaming systems like Neo Geo (only one via Wine), Snes or PSX/Sega Saturn.

I’d like to buy a 2gb heavy card, but I’m afraid that if i chose a way to powerful passive card, that i have to get a powerful case fan. With the new graphic card a new power supply will come along too.

So I’m not that mad about a passive card, I just prefer a quiet desktop environment where i can do office work, watch streams, movies, do some minor movie cutting or picture/gif processing. Occasional gaming emulation of old games is the top of the line, nothing more. It just has to be quiet and fulfill basic desktop requirements.

My specs:

[quote]ASUS M4A88TD-M/USB3
AMD Phenom II X4 840
Kingston V200 60GB SSD
WD HDD Caviar Black 1 TB SATA
8GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 RAM[/quote]

Any recommendations are welcome.
I’m kind of overwhelmed by the choices

Thanks in advance.

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Personally, I would just try a new higher rated PSU first and see if the crashes stop, typically the on board video is enough for general computing. You might also want to check the bios setting for how much memory is initially allocated to the display chip.

Hey AJSlye!

Yup, you know the thread/problem and my further research has shown too it might be a worn out PSU. The graphic card was just an idea to get rid of the non existant ATI support.

Okay, noted. I’ll buy PSU quality hardware. The memory was always automatically allocated.

Thanks a lot!

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Actually, The newer opensource drivers are in great shape now, with KMS & power management support in the kernel, excellent 2D & 3D support, etc.

I wouldn’t give up on AMD/ATI just yet, there is also a plan in the works to strip down the proprietary parts of Catalyst into user space removing the need for it’s own kernel driver and using the opensource one. This would also allow the user to choose between the opensource Mesa/Gallium3D and the proprietary Catalyst drivers with out much effort:

Interesting development.Thank you for clearing that up and the posted link.

AMD/ATI’s reputation about linux is, ahem, sub par on the net so far.
So no more beating the dead horse anymore. At least for me. :smiley:

I’m running the Mesa drivers right now and the system still freezes occasionally, but not as much as with the ATI drivers.
[Nota bene: The graphic problem is almost the same: Everything freezes. The text console/a kernel panic screen pops up filling 2/3 of the screen and it’s distorted like a worn out VHS tape. I cannot read what is displayed. Nor can I find any logs. Key ring commands like Alt+Print+R.E.I.S.U.B. also don’t work].

These drivers are IMO subjectively more stable, but the performance on my conputer right now is below mediocre. The highest resolution I got is 1024x1048 and i have the feeling it’s 50% less power. Movies f.E. are unwatchable and the machine is just slower than ever. I haven’t looked into configuring the Mesa/Gallium drivers.

I too think changing the power supply would be a good idea. A power supply going bad can cause a lot of weird intermittent problems.

I know nothing of the current video cards, but Phoronix has been testing a bunch of cards and the open source drivers recently, perhaps there is some information there that will help with your choice.


hey doc, I replaced the PSU and the problem vanished and didn’t show up again. No need for a graphic card anymore so far. Still a great site you mention, so i bookmarked it. It might help someone else with his choices.

Hey netgunner, Sorry about this but I have to, hmhm, I told you so, LOL :slight_smile:

FFS, I celebrated too early, cause I just a had a kernel panic screen again while I tried to start some programs in the beginning.
I’m reading Arch Wiki now, but it just addresses booting problems.

Where are those Logs or StackTraces?

I don’t know, if it is a hardware malfuction or a bug, which i should report. This report shows the same problem, if i’m correct: -click- In the comment someone confirms the Radeon HD 4xxx series.

So, maybe think about another graphic card, again?