Growth of Netrunner

As Netrunner (both versions) grows in popularity– currently ranks Netrunner at 22–, are there any plans on expanding the community or Netrunner’s outreach to prospective new users?

I’m curious only because of all the Linux distros I’ve used or tested Netrunner is by far the best “out-of-the-box” ready to use distro I’ve come across. I can’t imagine not wanting to share this great distro with as many people as possible.

Hi dbyentzen,

thanks for your encouraging words!
We kinda like the current “underdog image” for now and try to stay there a little longer, as it allows for greater experimentation while evolving without upsetting an already largely settled userbase.
Throughout next year, we have some things planned, most of it resolves in adapting and solidifying upstream which we always try to serve as best as possible.
Since we are committed longterm, roughly the next 2-3 years will determine where those plans may lead us by 2020 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. Your approach to future development seems reasonable. It is always better to build a solid foundation prior to building the house.
BTW, both of the moderators here on the forum get top ratings from me. You certainly are putting Netrunner, both as an OS and as potential future community, on the right track.
I look forward to the next Netrunner LTS!