Grub won't update

Hi there everybody.

Dev’s: ozymandias looks and feels great!

My problem:
Weekly i backup my ssd on which Netrunner 16 is installed. Clonezilla is my big friend in great trouble!

I finally wanted to pick up making music again and installed KXstudio on one of my harddrives.
When firing up my box it comes up with KXstudio first in Grub.

Normally with Kubuntu grub automatically detects the new OS when putting a backup back to my ssd and shows KXstudio on the 3rd or 4th line. In case of netrunner it doesn’t.

Is there a way to show kxstudio on grub afterwards. Possibly by editing grub? I didn’t find any gui grub manipulating piece software in netrunner.

Can anybody help me out?


Ah well, its as easy as sudo grub-update

problem solved!